ease is a system consisting of a bracelet and the matching software. The bracelet consists of a vein scanner with which employees can authenticate themselves throughout the company.

ease ensures data security in companies with the help of a wristband that uses the vein scan as an authentification system. Ease eliminates the need for passwords and other authentification codes.

Time frame: Oct '17 - Feb '18
Strategic Design
UX/UI Design
Strategy Development

Every human being has a unique vein pattern. By means of a vein scan, which is up to a hundred times safer than a fingerprint, the wearer of the bracelet is clearly identified and verified. Near-infrared radiation locates venous blood and converts it into an unmistakable template. Additional sensors measure blood circulation and pulse, a so-called live detection. Manipulation is thereby excluded. Thus, ease assumes the role of a personalized key for contactless building access control, secure data use, data access control and data transmission.
For example, files can be securely encrypted with the corresponding software. Decryption is again performed with ease: they can only be opened if the addressee is also authentificated. Furthermore, it is possible to see at any time which data was used by further persons. This considerably increases transparency in the company for employees, safeguarding and simplifying company processes.

As ease is designed for large companies, the bracelets are adapted to the respective corporate design of the company.
The bracelet was prototype and improved iteratively. At the end a mold of the product was built and several prototypes were made.

Furthermore, the project was analyzed from a business perspective and a simulated start-up was founded. For this purpose, many business models and financial models were developed and reviewed.
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